ABOUT US - Paul Kenny

photo by Mike Curry
photo by Mike Curry

Born in 1951 and educated in Salford, Northwest  England, Paul Kenny completed his Fine Art Degree at Newcastle upon Tyne in 1975.

In 2004 he returned to North Northumberland where he now lives and works not far from the sea with his wife Margaret.

He has travelled to work in Japan, France and Ireland but the main focus in developing his unique vision were the remote beaches of Wester Ross in north-west Scotland and the Western fringes of the outlying Islands.

Since moving back to Northumberland the windswept beaches between Holy Island and Spittal have woven their way into his work,

In 2000 he was made a Fellow of the Ballinglen Arts Foundation and now, whenever possible, he spends time at their facility in North West Mayo, Eire.

In 2010 he took a conscious “year out” from the seashore and focussed his attention to his garden and the hedgerows around his home.  The results was the hugely successful solo show, O Hanami, which was held London in 2012 and the subject of his recently published book https://www.kozubooks.com/books-new/o-hanami-by-paul-kenny

He has work in some of the worlds major public and private art collections including , The V and A, the National Photography Collection, Bradford, National Gallery of Scotland, Deutche Bank and Goldman Sachs.


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