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Bailey Chinnery Photography


Elaine is our digital nomad. Not quite our Man in Havana - more like our Brain in Spain.

Working quietly away in the background from her beautiful new home in Minorca, she is instrumental in keeping the balls in the air and the wheels on the cart. She is the voice of calm amidst the (occasional) chaos. Unflappable and wondrously efficient. We would be nothing without her.

Most of you will already know what an absolute treasure she is and some of you will have been lucky enough to have met her. We are well aware how fortunate we are to have her working alongside us. She has spent many years organising travel for people at the highest level and we all benefit from her knowledge of the industry. She is an admin genius and her proof reading skills save us from many an embarrassing slip up.

Of course it goes without saying that she is also a 'dog person'. Bertie the black lab doubtless offers her his slobbery support when needed. She also lives with her husband Nick, who probably does the same.