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Bailey Chinnery Photography


Many of you will be familiar with Terry and we are delighted that he is happy to continue to lead tours with us.

The kindest soul on the planet, he is everything a human being should be - the only flaw in his character seems to be the fact that he doesn't wear a hat on a regular basis. Or indeed, ever.

He has just been given a major award in the 2023 Landscape Photographer of the Year. The first time, as far as I am aware, that an impressionistic image has been recognised like this in the competition.

It is undoubtedly an honour that should have been bestowed upon him a long time ago.He is an incredibly talented photographer. His bio on FYV reads 'Ex tripod, clean for nearly a month now, one day at a time'. Not sure that is entirely true but it is undoubtedly testament to his wide reaching abilities.

He is travelling to Georgia/Armenia and Basel with us in 2024.