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Bailey Chinnery Photography


Chief executive officers in charge of stress management and playful endeavours.


Lives with Doug and Elizabeth.Handsome, suave, ridiculously good looking, rambunctious and loaded with boyish charm, ebullient with just a dash of mischief.
So reads the introduction to my extensive C.V. Key role; Schmoozer and flirter to the stars. Special Power; The ability to eat seven English sausages at once without moving my lips. (some dribble, admittedly). Where do I see myself in five years? On a very comfy sofa being hand-fed fillet steak while simultaneously having my tummy rubbed. Obviously.


I live with Valda and Bill
I am half brother to Eddie and Arlo, and very definitely Top Dog. A position that brings with it many responsibilities, not least guarding the homestead. 
I have developed a cunning deception - it looks to all the world as if I spend much of my life asleep in the sunshine. However, what the prospective burglar cannot know, is that I am fully alert and very much On Dog - poised and taut as a tightly coiled spring, ready to pounce. Lull 'em into a false sense of security with the old sleeping dog act. Never fails
My favourite thing ever is stealing shoes and underwear and offering them up as gifts to people who visit the property. They aren't always appreciated in the way I feel they should be.


Lives with Doug and Elizabeth.
Delicate, demure and devoted to a comfy bed by the fire. Loyal and always close by our side, Lily is obsessed with her ball. As an older lady she loves nothing more than a long snooze after a good walk. Special skill? She can hold three tennis balls in her mouth at the same time. Always seems just a little irritated that Eddie hangs around the place - especially at meal times. Clearly believes boys are something of a nuisance to be tolerated


I live with Valda and Bill.
New kid in town and half-brother to Walter. Rumour has it that my admission to the family was occasioned following an impulsive email to my breeder after too much red wine was taken.
It is important to be as close to humans as possible. Laps and shoulders are made for sitting on and togetherness is everything. Apart from possibly din-dins. And maybe walkies.
I like to appear on Zoom as often as I can - the audience seem to enjoy it. I get a slightly more muted reception when I have been in the pond however. It appears that muddy paws are not always welcome.
I am currently working on my thesis - "Exploring the Intersection of Art and Bonios in Contemporary Photography"


I live with Valda and Bill.
They sometimes refer to me as The Ginger Barrel which I feel is not entirely complimentary, although I will concede my girth is wider than it should be. But I feel a little middle-aged spread is not the worst thing in the world as I enter my autumn years and anyway, body shaming is really not acceptable any more.
They pat my head and tell me I am very pretty but that there's not much going on up top. Truth be told, I don't feel I was blessed with the greatest intellect in the world, but frankly, when you have eyelashes like mine, who needs brains?
I don't have many interests apart from sleeping but I do enjoy playing the bitey face game when the other two are in the mood.


I live with Elaine and Nick.
I've got it all going on, really. I am adored and cherished and I live in paradise.
I have recently moved to a new home in Minorca - it appears to be a lot warmer here than England and I have the great good fortune to be able to swim in the sea.
I also have my very own pool and I spend a lot of time lying alongside it in order that no intruders gain access. My human seems to be one of those incredibly capable beings for whom nothing is too much trouble, but I do wish she didn't spend quite such a long time on her computer looking after so many people's travel arrangements.


More of an honorary dog, really, although that role is now being called into question as his flowing blond hair diminishes at an alarming rate. The drooling is still evident when the right temptation is placed before him, and on a good day the whiskers remain relatively respectable.
He has been a trusty sidekick on several tours, however those of you who joined us in Japan will be relieved to learn that his much feted iPhoneography workshop series has now been shelved, on account of him not always being fully aware of which way round he should be holding his phone.
His bag handling skills are legendary, as is his hospitality. However, despite being very skilled with figures, he does have a tendency to pay scant regard to the Bailey Chinnery budget when buying a round.
His greatest ambition in life is to be in possession of a company credit card. That is a privilege unlikely to be bestowed upon him  anytime soon.


You may also know her as Liz or Beth- married to Doug for 37 years and counting. As a result, the Medal of Honour was awarded for long service and the greatest patience in extreme circumstances.
Knitter and gardener extraordinaire - is also able to watch more sports of any type than any man on the planet and is willing to prove this to any challengers foolhardy enough to step up. (The last chap threw the towel in, in tears, after 27 hours 38 minutes) 
Secret skill? Roller skating supremo.