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The landscape is my studio and, wherever I am in the world, it presents an uncontrollable and unpredictable environment.

Changing terrain, weather and light represents nature at its worst and at its best; artistic creativity in these conditions is both exciting and challenging.

Photography is my medium of choice, but the camera is more than an expensive paint brush. More than a tool. It is a companion, a friend that inspires confidence, helps me translate what I see and feel and becomes an integral enabler of my vision.

In my workflow, creative post-processing is something that I consider at the point of capture as I compose, expose and focus in consideration of my vision for the final output.

I am a free spirit, searching for new experiences and adventures.

I will do things in my way, unencumbered by convention.

I am eternally grateful for the support and advice received from others which informs my photography and, in return, will try to inspire others.


My wife, Fre, and I form Hocking Photographic (www.hockingphotographic.co.uk)

International award winning photographers, we represent a unique interpretation of the world around us and have held solo exhibitions in the UK, published a sell-out book, run workshops and contributed to various magazines.


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