At our heart is a love of art and creativity.


From this has grown a desire to help those who share these passions, to find and follow their own creative path.


Whether you join us on our one day workshops, longer tours or learn from our videos we will do our best to help you develop the skills you need and work alongside you as you express yourself through your images.


We like to think our workshops are different. You won’t find us lining you up to point your camera at yet another cliché. We won’t haul you out of bed for yet another sunrise. We won’t rush you from lay-by to lay-by. Nor do we squeeze as many people as we can into our tours to increase our profits.


Rather, we want to help you immerse yourself in a location. We love helping you search out images that are yours – not duplicates of countless others on social media. We aim to spend time with you one-to-one making bodies of work that really fulfil you creatively.


You will soon find that we feel nourishment is rather important too. We seek out good local food and spend time enjoying it together. The conversation is lively and encouraging. Friendships are forged in an atmosphere of like-minded people. We want our workshops to be fun and relaxed, full of good memories.


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Walter (L) and Eddie (R).

Chief executive officers in charge of stress management and playful endeavours.




Giving back – leaving no mark


Our deep love for our beautiful planet, which provides the locations for our creativity has moved us to make a positive stand to reduce the negative impact our national and international travel has on it.


On all of our tours we make a suggested charge of £10 which we then pass on to Solar Aid who invest this to offset the carbon footprint generated by our travel. If a client would rather opt-out we are happy to contribute this on their behalf, such is the strength of our commitment.


We also seek to support local people (enjoying time getting to know them) rather than large corporations when possible. In our business purchases we aim always to make ‘greener’ choices and recycle, reduce and reuse ruthlessly.


Our philosophy has sustainability at its very core and as such both of us support the international photographer’s environmental initiative ‘Zero Footprint’.


In short, it is our passionate desire to give to the places we love and do no harm as we enjoy them.


Putting you first


It goes without saying, you won’t pay a single supplement when travelling with us. You can usually bring along your non-photographic partner too, indeed they will be made most welcome. We choose our accommodation with great care – and we will strive never to spend a night anywhere less than wonderful if we can help it.


You will also be given ample room in our vehicles as we keep our groups small, usually at a maximum of ten photographers to two leaders. This allows for lots of individual tuition and attention.


More than that, both of us are fully qualified first aiders and carry a kit at all times. (though thankfully, to date nothing more than a small plaster has ever been required!).


We also carry extensive tour operators and public liability insurance to protect you (and us) in the event of the unexpected. We have professionally prepared risk assessments for all of the types of location we visit and we use these to take care of your safety as best we can, while asking you to be responsible travellers also.


Both of us have led innumerable tours and workshops over many years working together and have extensive one-to-one and group teaching skills as well as tour organisation and travel experience. We are there 24 hours a day to make your adventure as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


But rather than tell you ourselves, we would rather you read the testimonials of our clients to see how they feel about us and our tours.

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