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Demystifying the printing process - two day workshop - £575.00

3rd-4th June, 2019 FULLY BOOKED

5th-6th June, 2019 FULLY BOOKED


To hold in your hand a beautifully crafted print on fine art paper that you have made yourself is such a satisfying thing. It completes the circle of creativity – from conceiving the image, making the photograph, processing and now producing the print itself – bringing back a real element of craft into our art. And art should have an artefact, a physical object at the end of the process, rather than just a series of ones and zeros on a hard drive.


Certainly we can let someone else make our prints for us, and that is an option for some, but to have the control over the decisions in making a print, choosing the best paper to match the images characteristics, to fine tune how the image appears on the paper realising our creative vision – this is the most satisfying part of our craft.


However, many see printing as an expensive, scary, ‘black art’. It appears fraught with complexity and technical jargon. So much easier to get someone else to do it and yet the results are often disappointing.


For this reason, while we offer our own print service for discerning photographers and artists who want the very finest prints, we also want to help those of you who want to learn to print your own work – from the very basics of the process right through to making the finest prints to exhibition standards.


We have designed this two-day workshop to cut through all of the jargon, to demystify the ‘dark arts’ and to give you a solid foundation in understanding all you need to know (and nothing you don’t need). We will start right from first basics and build, keeping things as simple as possible (you do need to know some technical things, but we keep this as clear as we can) right through in a logical way, at a steady and understandable pace, until you are able to make really fine prints ready to sell or exhibit.


All of the on-screen tuition will be recorded in high definition video and you will be able to download this after the workshop, to replay and learn from over and over again back at home at your own pace as many times as you wish. This will be a perfect learning resource and allow you to relax and enjoy the workshop – you won’t have to take reams of notes.


We will be printing during the workshop and you will make and take home at least one of your own images at A3, with the help of Doug & Valda.


You will learn;


  • Colour management & profiling
  • How to set up Lightroom & Photoshop correctly
  • How to choose which printer to buy (make & model advice, should you need it)
  • How to choose a monitor calibrator (make and model, should you need one)
  • How to choose a monitor designed for printing (should you be interested in one)
  • How to profile your monitor
  • How to soft and hard proof
  • How to save money on expensive fine art papers & ink when hard proofing
  • How to sharpen for print
  • How to resize images for print
  • How to understand print resolution
  • How to select the best paper for different types of images (and guidance on which papers to try)
  • How to bring out the best from your images when processing raw files
  • How to overcome issues commonly encountered when printing – dark muddy prints, colour casts on mono prints, colours not printing correctly etc
  • We will show you blind stamping prints
  • We will show you how to deckle edge prints
  • We will discuss the best ways to sign your prints
  • We will give advice on pricing your work for sale & on limited editions etc






The price of the workshop includes;


  • All tuition over two days at the Hilton Doubletree Hotel Sheffield, from Doug & Valda
  • Welcome croissants, coffee, tea, bottled water, muffins etc on both days
  • Sit down buffet lunch at the hotel on both days
  • Three course evening meal at the hotel (not including drinks) on first day
  • Bed & Breakfast accommodation at the hotel
  • Downloadable HD video of all on screen tuition
  • Make and take home an A3 print of one of your own images with the help of Doug & Valda.


We hope you can join us.




Terms & Conditions




  • Bailey Chinnery Photography shall mean Valda Bailey and Doug Chinnery


  • The Client: shall mean the person or persons listed on the invoice as the person booking the tour or workshop and anyone they are booking on behalf of


  • The Fee; shall mean the fee listed on the invoice for the purpose of the Client(s) attending the workshop or tour (including any applicable taxes should they apply)


  • The Dates; shall mean the dates listed on the invoice and workshop of tour website listing in respect of the commencement and termination of the workshop or tour


  • The Deposit; shall mean the sum listed on the invoice


  • The Invoice; shall mean the document sent to the client(s) indicating payment required for the workshop or tour


  • The Workshop or Tour; shall mean any place, event or location together with such details as may be recorded on the invoice and web page to include accommodation, tuition from Bailey Chinnery Photography and other services or extras as described during the dates outlined.




The invoice and these Terms and Conditions shall form the entire agreement between the parties save for any variations agreed in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and no variation or modification shall be effective unless accepted by Bailey Chinnery Photography in writing.




A Deposit is required when the client books a Tour or Workshop in order to reserve a place on the requested dates. The Deposit will apply towards the Fee payable for the Workshop requested by the Client and is non-refundable. The place on the Workshop or Tour is not secure until the Deposit is received. Bailey Chinnery Photography reserve the right not to accept any booking without giving a reason.




The balance of the Fee must be paid for or on behalf of the Client no later than 28 days prior to the Dates. The Client shall always remain the persons liable to Bailey Chinnery Photography for the Fee on behalf of the Client. Any bank or PayPal charges incurred due to returned cheques or PayPal fees will be debited to the Client and payable in addition to the Fee.




In the event of the Client cancelling the Workshop or Tour, Bailey Chinnery Photography reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee in accordance with the following scale:


  • The Deposit may be returned if cancellation takes place more than 3 months prior to the Dates if an alternative booking can be secured.


  • 100% of the Deposit may be retained if cancellation takes place less than 3 months prior to the Dates


  • 100% of the Fee will be retained if cancellation takes place within 28 days of the workshop or tour


If Bailey Chinnery Photography can secure an alternative booking at any time up to the Dates they may be able to return some or all of the Fee at their discretion and may retain an administration fee.




Bailey Chinnery Photography cannot be held responsible for the lack of photographic coverage caused by any restrictions in force by officials or organisations of any location where the workshop or tour is due to take place. Bailey Chinnery does not guarantee any specific location or photograph, although every effort will be made to deliver the Workshop or Tour as described on the website and tour notes.


Travel and Accommodation


The Fee does not cover any costs associated with the Workshop or Tour beyond accommodation, transport (as provided by Bailey Chinnery Photography) and all photographic tuition during the Workshop or Tour. All other costs and expenses associated with attending the Workshop or Tour are the responsibility of the Client.


Force Majeure


Whilst every care is taken to provide the Tour or Workshop on the Dates, it is subject to alteration or cancellation by Bailey Chinnery Photography owing to any cause beyond its reasonable control, i.e. Act of God, Fire, War, Road closure, illness etc.


Cancellation by Bailey Chinnery Photography


In the event of cancellation by Bailey Chinnery Photography, Bailey Chinnery Photography’s liability shall be limited to a full refund of any sums paid by the Client in respect of the Workshop or Tour. A rearrangement onto a future Tour or Workshop can be arranged free of charge. Bailey Chinnery Photography will not be responsible for any further costs, losses, claims or actions howsoever arising, and the Client hereby indemnifies Bailey Chinnery Photography against same.


Illness and Non-Attendance


Bailey Chinnery Photography will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the named photographers will be available to lead the Tour of Workshop; however, in the unlikely event that one cannot attend an alternative replacement leader will be sought. If this is not possible the Workshop or Tour may still be able to proceed with a single leader and without reduction in Fee.


Client Responsibility


It is the responsibility of the Client to posses a valid passport (if required) and all visas, permits and certificates, including medical certificates required for the Workshop or Tour. All advice or notes given by Bailey Chinnery Photography on such is given in good faith.


It is the responsibility of the Client to arrive on time, to be healthy enough to complete the tour and come with the appropriate clothing, footwear and equipment.


Governing Law


This agreement shall in all respects be governed by the law of England and wales and the parties hereto submit to this jurisdiction.




The Client is hereby advised to take out a suitable insurance policy to cover for any expenses, losses, claims or actions of any kind arising in connection with but without limitation) to both cancellation by either party and force majeure affecting the Workshop or Tour or any event or matter relating to or dependent upon the Workshop or Tour.




Bailey Chinnery Photography do not accept any liability for personal injury, accidents or losses of any kind whatsoever, and however caused, during the course of the Workshop or Tour and the Client hereby indemnifies Bailey Chinnery Photography against any claims, costs, losses or demands howsoever arising in this respect.




In booking and paying a Deposit for a Workshop or Tour with Bailey Chinnery Photography the Client hereby agrees and confirms that they have read and understood the content, meaning and effect of these Terms and Conditions and acknowledge that they have been afforded the opportunity of seeking their own separate and independent legal advice prior to paying the Deposit indicating their complete acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


Updated 14.01.19

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