LANZAROTE - uniting art with nature

9th-14th March 2021

led by Doug and Valda

'I want to extract harmony from the earth to unify it with my feeling for art'
César Manrique

We invite you to come and discover a unique, remarkable environment. Lanzarote has a strange and compelling lunar landscape with echoes of the Namibian plains, the seemingly endless highways of the American Midwest and Route 66, together with a large dose of Iceland’s dramatic volcanic terrain thrown in for good measure.

The island's volcanic origins and rain-free climate mean that it has a rare mix of geology and ecology, which is why it is registered as a Unesco Biosphere Reserve. Photographers are offered an extraordinary palette of colour and texture, of dark drama and black sand and wild, geologically unique fascination.

Lanzarote boasts extremely unusual vistas. Thanks to its volcanic history, most of the island has treeless, moonlike landscapes with different colored soils, craters, bizarre rock formations and gently sloping mountains. All over the island, you see the influence of the visionary artist, architect and environmentalist, César Manrique whose creative genius is evident at every turn. Because of him you will find no high rise buildings nor advertising billboards on the island.




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