HASTINGS - restless seas and rusty hues

9th Sept 2021

led by Doug and Valda



In recent years the seaside town of Hastings has been quietly nurturing its reputation as one of the UK’s cultural hubs. Not for nothing has it been described at the Shoreditch of Sussex.

There its certainly more than an element of buzzing and inspirational creativity about the town and it is now home to many small independent galleries as well as the Hastings Contemporary - home to a fine collection of modern British art.

Hastings is certainly a cosmopolitan town with a vibrant arts scene, but it is also a thriving fishing port.  It is one of the medieval Cinque Ports and has the largest beach-launched fishing fleet in Europe. This is evidenced by the veritable plethora of equipment and detritus scattered along the shore.

We will concentrate our creative energies alongside the watchful gaze of the Jerwood Gallery in the picturesque Old Town. We are spoiled for choice when it comes to photographic inspiration. It is very much a working beach full of fishing paraphernalia, pleasingly distressed paintwork and many corroding textures.

In the distance, the pier makes a stately backdrop to the incoming tide and beneath the sandstone cliffs lie the blackened abstract shapes that are the fishermen’s houses.

The net huts with their dark black wooden cladding date back to the 16th century and have Grade II listed status.  The sheds are tall, thin and very photogenic - each fisherman had a limit of 8ft square to had no option but to build them skywards.

We will start the day over coffee and chat about techniques and ideas for creative interpretation.  After the caffeine has done its job, we will wander out along the shoreline and surround ourselves with the veritable Pandora’s Box of textures, layers, rich rusty hues and coastal elements.

PRICE £225
Max, 10 clients.
Tuition from Valda and Doug
Start 9.30 finish about 4.30
Transport, insurance,
Fitness level - moderate. Gentle walking.
Average temperature 18C

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