BERLIN - Bauhaus and Beyond

FULLY BOOKED- 24th-28th August, 2020

Berlin, the greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine.’

David Bowie

A hundred years has passed since the Bauhaus school was founded in Germany by Walter Gropius and while many people may not be very familiar with its teaching, they will almost certainly encounter its influence as they go about their lives.

2019 sees the celebration of the centenary of a movement which set a pattern for the way we live today and its importance is almost impossible to overestimate.

Art is a continuum of great ideas. The Bauhaus teaches that many of the best ones have been done before, but you can always frame those ideas in new ways. In these days of Instagram and the never-ending stream of images passing before our eyes on an hourly basis, the need to strike out and develop one's own voice, has perhaps never been greater.

We cannot think of a better time to visit Berlin - a city offering great inspiration to the creative mind.


Led by Doug and Valda





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