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We are currently in the fortunate position of having our workshops sell out from our mailing list - very rarely do they get advertised on social media. The best way to gain a space is to sign up for the mailing list on our contact us page and specify the locations that interest you.

For everybody's convenience we wish to keep below the VAT threshold and for this reason we tend to list one tour at the beginning of each month (the threshold is based on a rolling turnover). However, we understand that people may be curious about the plans we have for future tours before committing themselves to a place on a new offering. Therefore, we detail below our plans for the coming year. Although we are reasonably confident the dates and locations will not change, it remains a possibility.

If you are interested in any of the tours below, we would advise you to email us in order that you can receive prior notification before the launch. Thank you.

Footage from our recent trip to the Camargue featuring a light show in a disused quarry. There's more to the Camargue than white horses and flamingoes!

Social media, Valda

Social media, Bailey Chinnery

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