Our Classic workshops are the most suitable for those people wishing to learn about the techniques we use in camera, and to a lesser extent, in Post Processing. We would envisage at least one classroom session, where images are reviewed and editing ideas are shared. However, unless the weather dictates otherwise, most of the time is spent out in the field engaged in practical endeavours.

Although the techniques we use are relatively simple to understand, appreciating what is possible when using them is a journey that takes a lifetime.  Progress is often slow. Therefore we welcome people of all abilities on our Classic workshops.

People come on our workshops for many reasons -  we are delighted that a large percentage are repeat clients, already completely at ease with this way of shooting and needing little in the way of instruction. They are happy to spend time in a creative environment with like-minded people, where all the logistics have been dealt with and time can be dedicated to furthering their own abilities.

For those wishing to progress a little further, we offer a Creative Growth program (see tab above).

If you have any questions or doubts about which of our offerings is the most suitable for you, please don't hesitate to send us an email.





Footage from our recent trip to the Camargue featuring a light show in a disused quarry. There's more to the Camargue than white horses and flamingoes!

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Social media, Bailey Chinnery

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