“Be still with yourself until the object of your intention affirms your presence.” - Minor White


I live in Toronto, Canada and, although I reside in a huge metropolis, I am inspired by the vastness of the grand landscape of my homeland. Photography has allowed me the luxury of travel to many countries throughout the world, but, as I age, I realize that through my photography strong emotional connections can be made closer to home.


I have no formal background in the photographic arts but have taken numerous workshops and courses and practise almost daily. I enjoy the post processing stage of photography which allows for additional creative self expression. For many years I was a Chinese brush painter and this art practice often informs my work as a photographer.


I came to photography later in life and have come to appreciate its restorative power. It has taught me to try to be in the moment, to approach a subject with no expectations, and to trust my intuition.


I am inspired by artists whose work moves me. Photographers such as Freeman Patterson, Richard Martin, and Guy Tal never disappoint. My recent work, which uses the techniques of Intentional Camera Movement and Multiple Exposures, is greatly influenced by artists such as Valda Bailey and Doug Chinnery. The poems of Mary Oliver and John Donahue often motivate me in my creative journey.



“Beauty is in the heart of the beholder.” -H.G. Wells


In Praise of Shadows by Jun’ichiro Tanizaki, is an essay in which the author poetically lauds the Japanese aesthetic in stark contrast with the values of the West. He eulogizes the subtle beauty found in the shadows created by an alcove in a Japanese room. He extols the delicate beauty of Japanese paper and the simplicity and elegance of the Japanese tea ceremony.


I am very attracted to the Japanese aesthetic and Tanazaki spurred me on to think about what makes a personal aesthetic. It is, after all, very subjective. One’s view of beauty is affected by one’s personal history, environment, and experiences. We consider an object’s form, colour, texture and pattern, but the memories and relationships attached to the object also influence its value. There is an interior dimension to a personal aesthetic which is both meditative and descriptive.


I have chosen to explore my personal aesthetic by photographing some objects which are near and dear to me because of their beauty and significance in my life. Each one has meaning for me…perhaps because it was given to me by someone special, or is a cherished souvenir of an experience, or I was attracted by its beauty or visual delight. It adds dimension, depth, and richness to my experience.


I hope my photos connect with you.

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