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It Started with a logo
A few words of thanks for all the kind feedback, notifications of glitches and messages of support and appreciation following the launch of our website
Although the responsibility for designing and building the website was mine, Doug has been working equally hard in the background creating content and doing many of the less obviously rewarding  jobs involved in setting up a partnership.
We very much regret the fact that there are no tours available to book at present - as soon as time allows, and the difficult decision about whether to become VAT registered is made, more will be listed. At present our hands are tied.
A special word of thanks must go to Warren - a shining example of how special our clients are - for quietly arranging for his friend Jon Snow to send himself up on our behalf. A wonderful surprise and it really put a smile on many people’s faces.
A few have asked for somewhere to leave feedback - this facility has been added below - see bottom of page.
And the logo? It’s very clearly a nod to the elegance and beauty of the Fibonacci sequence but mashed up with a few disparate shapes in an attempt to reflect our creative philosophy.


  1. Warren Reeves on June 9, 2018 at 3:28 pm

    Dear Valda & Doug………….it all started with a logo reminds me of Walt Disneys comment….it all started with a mouse, so succinct and elequant. You both have been an inspiration to me since the time I met Doug back in August 2016 at the arches of Kings Cross to begin the London at Night workshop, to meting Valda and watching the fantastic beautiful professional way in which you both work, teach and conduct your classes. I am very lucky to have the privilege of knowing you both and being constantly inspired and enthused by both of you. Presenting the Jon Snow broadcast was my small way in trying to make the launch of the web site different and unique, im so glad you were pleased and thank you so much for your mention. Onwards and Upwards. The landscape has no limits x

  2. Warren Reeves on September 23, 2022 at 1:15 am

    4 years since the last comment. Come on GUYS!!!

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