For over 40 years I have been farming livestock in the hills of Southern Scotland, surrounded by beautiful scenery and nature.


I have been taking photographs for even longer, most landscapes, nature and wildlife.


More recently I have been drawn to images that have more mystery to them, where is not instantly clear what the subject is, and so engaging the eye and mind for longer.  This has involved me learning new techniques for both the camera and post processing, which has been a fascinating time.





Off the Wall

An interpretation on the theme, "do not show me what it is, show me what else it is".

Something that I see every day on the farm are the grey drystone walls, or drystane dykes as they are known locally.  They were built several centuries ago to divide up the fields and hills, and to form the boundaries of the farm, to contain the sheep and cattle.  Most of them are covered in moss or lichens and go through areas of long grass or bracken.

I have chosen to take a closer look at these walls and to produce vibrant abstract images with my camera, using the techniques of multiple exposure, colour shift and intentional camera movement.

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