You may find the thought of preparing an image for print daunting. Or, you may have a particularly important image to make. Here is where our custom print preparation service may be just what you are looking for.

We will work on your image, giving it the benefit of our considerable experience as exhibition printers. If you wish, you can  provide us with some instruction or guidance at the time of ordering, to help us understand the ideas you have for your print.

We will apply the ICC profile for the paper we feel is best suited to your picture and both soft and hard proof the image, applying contrast and colour adjustments where appropriate. The image will be sharpened correctly taking into account the size of the print, the characteristics of the image and the paper it is to be printed on.

Our aim will be to maintain your creative vision for the image while bringing out the full potential of the file. In short, we will take the same care over your image that we take with our own.


We have established our printing service for photographers and artists due to demand. In the last couple of years we have received  frequent requests from clients and photographers asking us to print their work. Again and again we would hear them say that the big companies, while producing good work, often wouldn’t use fine art papers or didn’t give their images the attention to detail they were looking for. There seemed to be a feeling that these companies just didn’t understand exactly what they needed nor were they willing to offer a personal service.

We have therefore decided to utilise our considerable experience as printers and educators and offer a printing service. We  have been printing our own work for many years -  for personal use, for print sales and for exhibitions.  Although we haven't advertised the fact, we have also been printing for other photographers in a low key way for some time.

It is our hope that you find the service useful and that having fellow photographers giving your images the same loving care that you yourself have invested will help to enable you to fully realise your creative vision.


Whether you choose to use our personal print preparation service or our basic print service, you can be assured that it is our aim to make you the finest print we can from your images.

While, when using our basic service, we are not going to make any major adjustments to the file you send us (as you will be doing this prior to providing us with the image) we will still be looking to choose the best Fotospeed paper to bring out the full beauty of the image and print it with great care and attention to detail.

When you step up to our premium print preparation service then you can be assured that we will lavish your print with the attention to detail that we give to our own work. We will be looking to really maximise the full potential of your image and print it in such a way that it really ‘sings’.


We are happy to add some bespoke deckle-edging to your print if required. This finish looks beautiful when images are float mounted.  The cost is £12 up to A2 and £22 for anything larger. Please note that images made with a deckled edge necessitate the use of the next paper size up .

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Please contact us for a quote for hand finished gold leaf application. Prices start from £50 .

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We are also able to print on digital transfer film. We use an optically  clear film which we import from the US. Note: many other versions of this media have a milky, slightly opaque surface.


Up to 8" long edge - £27

Up to 12" long edge - £36

Up to 18" long edge - £49

Up to 24" long edge - £69

For larger sizes, please email for quote.

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I recently had some prints made by @BaileyChinnery  Super quality, super service..really pleased customer.


I cannot recommend the BaileyChinnery printing service highly enough. Prints delivered today and surpass my expectations, paper choice, contrast, colour - all in perfect harmony. I'm not one for printing (not sure why?) but this has opened my eyes and I see the images in a new way.

Printing is the way forward and BaileyChinnery are the masters of a very dark art.

Thank you Valda as I know you physically printed the images, I'll be back for more soon

thanks again, I only see continued success in your venture


This image has just been printed for me by the incomparable team of @tanyards & @dougchinnery - beautifully printed at 24" square, superbly packed and delivered. I can wholeheartedly recommend their services. The customer was extremely happy, as was I.

Mark Littlejohn

Just received my two prints, they are fabulous thank you so much, I think I will put them up in our new house instead of my daughters coffee shop
Paper choice was excellent textures and colours look great
Having work printed is not something I generally do, but these two have changed my mind.



A4  (up to 297mm/11.7" long edge)       £17.00

A3   (up to 420mm/16.5" long edge)     £21.00

A3+ (up to 483mm/19" long edge)        £25.00

A2   (up to 594mm/23.4" long edge)     £34.00

Up to 763mm/30" long edge                £48.50 

Up to 914.4mm/36" long edge               £74.50

Up to 102mm/40" long edge                 £84.50

Up to 1117.6mm/44" long edge              £96.50

Up to 1520mm/60" long edge              £155.00


The  prices are for us to print your work directly from the file you send us, with no adjustments.

We also offer a print preparation service. For an additional fee of £25 per print, regardless of size or paper type, we will work on your image and make any necessary  tonal, contrast and colour adjustments, sharpening the image specifically for the paper, soft proofing and hard proofing.  You can select the paper or we can make a choice based on which substrate we feel best suits your image. Our aim is to maintain your creative vision for the image but to try and realise the finest print possible for you using our skills as exhibition printers.

All prints are made using Canon Lucia Pro pigment inks. This high performance ink system when used in conjunction with fine art archival papers produces images with a beautiful wide colour gamut, deep tonal depth, rich dark tones and bright highlights. The Canon Chroma Optimiser used in our ImagePROGRAF PRO series printers is designed to optimise the ink performance on lustre and gloss papers.

All our prints should last at least 80 years or more under normal lighting conditions. They are made using archival pigment inks and acid free archival papers approved by The Fine Art Trade Guild.

If you would like some instructions on how to access the soft proofing mode in Lightroom or Photoshop and help on exporting your files please watch this video we have prepared for you.




  1. Files need to be sent to us correctly sized, sharpened, dust-spotted, proofed and using sRGB or Adobe RGB, in full resolution jpeg or tiff format unless you choose our print preparation service. In which case, simply send us your (dust-spotted) high resolution jpeg or tiff. For images to be printed larger than A2 a tiff is recommended.
  2. Prints will be made with a border to suit the size of the paper and print, allowing for the print to be signed, matted and framed. If you wish to specify a border width you prefer, please do this at the time of order. We do not print right to the edge of the paper.
  3. Prints whose proportions do not exactly fit the paper sizes will be positioned on the paper for best effect. Your framer can trim the paper at the time of framing should you so require.
  4. We will choose the Fotospeed Signature paper we feel is best suited to the characteristics of the image you send us. If you have a specific paper in mind, we are happy to work with you providing we have that paper in stock.
  5. Delivery usually takes around five working days. However, we are sometimes both away teaching for a week or more. If this is the case your delivery will be delayed until we return to our studios. Please contact us in advance of placing an order if your print delivery is time sensitive and we will give you a better idea on lead time.
  6. The prices above exclude delivery. Prints up to and including A3 are placed in archival transparent sleeves and sent flat in rigid cardboard envelopes. Prints above A3 are rolled in archival tissue and placed in cardboard delivery tubes.
  7. Delivery is via next day courier (trackable and signed for)


Prints up to A3 P&P -  £8.50.

A3+ to 20 x 30” P&P  - £14.50.

Sizes above 20 x 30 - £18.00.

Delivery outside of the UK – prices on application.


  1. Payment in advance of printing, by BACs (preferred) or PayPal. Sorry, cheques not accepted.


Please send digital files to us using or Alternatively, please contact us for a direct upload link to our server.

Prices subject to change.



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