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18.09.24 - 29.09.24 - Fully Booked

The land that is now Uzbekistan was once at the heart of the ancient Silk Road trade route connecting China with the Middle East and Rome.

With a population in excess of 25 million, Uzbekistan is the third most populous country of the former Soviet Union after Russia and the Ukraine.

The region has been influenced by many empires, including the Persian, Mongol and Soviet and we are looking forward  to delving into cultural history.  

The country is adorned with beautifully adorned madrasahs (educational institutions) and mosques, reflecting the rich architectural legacy of the Silk Road era.

Uzbekistan is famous for its intricate embroidery and vibrant textiles, such as Suzani, (a traditional embroidered textile), and ikat fabrics, which are hand-dyed and patterned textiles. It also has a strong tradition of ceramic craftsmanship, with beautifully decorated tiles and pottery found in various regions.

We invite you to take a look at our presentation which has full details of our itinerary. 

Uzbekistan (Presentation)

  • Non-FYV MEMBER SINGLE ROOM (standard) £ 8,395.00
  • Non-FYV MEMBER SINGLE ROOM (upgrade/suite) £9,355.00
  • PARTNER (non photographing) £ 7,250.00
  • The price includes ALL meals (when taken with Valda)
  • Wine or beer with those meals
  • Single accommodation in four star (or better) hotels.
  • Transport around the area in a large air conditioned coach.
  • The company and guiding services of the brilliant Yuri.
  • All entrance fees.
  • Tuition from Valda.
  • Pre-tour notes and logistical assistance from the equally brilliant Elaine.
  • Post-tour Zoom review.
  • £10 carbon offsetting fee.

The TOUR COMMENCES ON 18th SEPTEMBER 2024 in Tashkent, starting at 15:00. 
The TOUR ENDS ON 29th SEPTEMBER 2024 in Samarkand.

Recommended flight details - due to flight options etc we are suggesting that you make your way to Tashkent ready for the start of the tour which will commence on the 18th from mid afternoon.  Valda is on a flight that will arrive earlier hours on the 17th, from Istanbul. 
Please note that the tour ends in Samarkand, but it is possible to get a train back to Tashkent if your flight departs from Tashkent. 
Please liaise with Elaine if you have any queries regarding logistics to help you plan your flights.

** To be eligible for the FYV subscribers discount, you need to have taken out a 12 month membership or have been on a monthly subscription for over six months. Thanks for your understanding.

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