We have always tried to provide as many learning opportunities as possible for those who wish to engage with our creative approach. We recognise not everyone is able to attend workshops or tours. For this reason we have long offered videos through our website and YouTube channel. More recently we have added online courses to our program.

In response to various requests, we are now able to offer the ultimate in tailored teaching and you can now book individual, one-to-one sessions with us, structured to meet your exact needs. Conducted online, via Zoom,  you can choose from a one-off session to help with a few small issues or an ongoing program of accelerated learning.

We will talk to you at length beforehand  about what you would like to cover and what you expect to gain from the teaching. This will enable us to plan our approach accordingly. If you are looking for ongoing tuition, we will offer up suggestions about how we can work together to help you achieve your goals. We may ask you to send us images in advance.

The sessions will be arranged to fit with your time zone, wherever you live in the world.


Potential subjects might include:

  • Multiple exposure or ICM camera techniques
  • Lightroom & Photoshop processing techniques
  • Printing your work
  • Discussions on composition, colour or developing a personal style
  • Working on projects
  • Image critique
  • What options exist for getting your word to a wider audience -galleries, self-publishing, writing for magazines, lectures etc
  • Pricing your work and setting up a business in photography

Working closely with a teacher, on a one-to-one basis is the fastest and most targeted way to progress with any endeavour. Creative learning is certainly no different.

We are fortunate that unlike conventional landscape photography, our approach to making art doesn't rely on travelling to honeypot locations. It can just as easily be accomplished within the confines of our own homes and gardens. Therefore, it is ideally suited to remote learning.

We will be honest with you if you ask us to critique your work. We believe in giving positive constructive critiques - not just ego boosting sessions. We will look for ways you can improve what you do.

The one to ones will be recorded and provided to you as a video to download following the session. This video will be yours to keep for reference the future.

We suggest sessions are  one hour long - priced at £175. We can also offer a 30 minute session for quick questions - cost £90 per half hour. Payment is in advance by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. Please note, we have a limited amount of time each month for one-to-ones.


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