My name is Nel Talen and I live in the Netherlands.

I have been photographing since my childhood, mainly during holidays. The arrival of the digital camera has given me an extra incentive to use the camera more often.


Nature is my great source of inspiration for all my photos.


I like to be surprised by the unexpected beauty of simple and small things.

The transition from registering images to giving my own interpretation to what I see, experience and feel is a fantastic challenge that I work with every time.

Photographing in nature has a deeper dimension for me. It is relaxing, it gives me a feeling of wonder, freedom and silence. There are no judgements, there is no right or wrong and you can be who you are.

I often look for the small, the almost invisible or the lonely. I like to look for the special out of the ordinary.



Title: Vulnerability


In these days, due to the corona crisis, we are confronted with our own vulnerability. We cannot stop the virus. We can slow the spread by keeping our distance from each other. We sometimes feel alone, insecure and vulnerable.

But none of us is invulnerable. Nobody is outside or stands above it. We are all fellow sufferers. The dividing line between vulnerability and strength does not exist or is very thin. Everyone is powerful and vulnerable at the same time. That's where the connection lies.

How do we deal with vulnerability? With fear or with confidence?

I want try to show this vulnerability in glass.

I started shooting with very thin and fragile glass. The photos were taken with ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) and multiple exposure. The colours I have chosen to photograph vulnerability are white and pastel colours.

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