As an artist, I love exploring the many mysteries and ambiguities of the world around me.   I see the world as incredibly complex and I want to convey this depth and intricacy  - the multiple ways any one thing can be seen/interpreted.

My earliest work was graphical street photography but it evolved to be more abstract — using reflections and shooting things to produce abstractions.   Recently my work has again evolved to utilize multiple exposures and intentional camera movement to further abstract my photos — though I still work to ensure they retain a foothold in the “real world”.

This abstraction helps me explore the “spaces in between”  — the spaces between what is seen and what is not seen; what is seen and what is felt.



B K L Y N (s)

“Do not show me what it is, show me what else it is”   Minor White

Few things make me happier than wandering the streets of my hometown, Brooklyn, with a camera in my hand.   Brooklyn is a place of great contradictions — in some places full of energy and people, in others a place of quiet.  It is a place of tremendous change, growth, and vibrancy, yet it still retains some of the old New York that has been lost in much of Manhattan.  While Brooklyn occupies a  vast area, I mostly choose to explore the areas I can reach by foot from my apartment.


In this project, I am embracing Minor White’s challenge to show what else Brooklyn is — seeking to take a new look at some of the iconic attributes of Brooklyn.  Using multiple exposures to abstract what I see, I explore a different Brooklyn — Brooklyn as I experience it, feel it every day.  While a simple “straight” photograph seems to imply a single vision, a single way of seeing something, these abstractions help me highlight the complexity of the world as I see it, the multiple ways any one thing can be seen and interpreted.  It is my hope that these photos invite viewers to explore and make their own discoveries.

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