Although I absolutely love color, I have primarily been known as a black and white street photographer.

Over the last two years I have slowly moved away from ‘straight’ photography and have been exploring the joys and frustrations of both icm and multiple exposure in color.

For a recent project I was finally forced to enter the land of Photoshop to create not-in-camera multiple exposures and discovered that the chance to combine seemingly unrelated elements opened a creative portal.  I have been happily playing and creating ever since, continually finding new themes to explore.







As travel and connecting with people has changed over the last few months we are left reminiscing about previous adventures and wondering if we will ever be able to be in the same place again with far-flung friends.

What remains of those past experiences?  What happens when I’m not there?  Does some part of me, a shadow of sorts, remain?  A bit of light, a shadowed smudge, a particle of energy?  Do we all carry bits of shadows of those we are no longer with?  Do those I’ve connected with over the years feel my shadow, my mental waving to them across time?  Is there still a bit of me floating somewhere in the canals of Venice, in the fields of Ireland, on the streets of Paris, or in the mosques of Istanbul?

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