Black and white photography gives me the opportunity to express myself in the simplest of terms. The absence of colour allows me to concentrate on tone, texture, detail and pattern.

With a lifelong love of the landscape, I am lucky to live in North Yorkshire, a brilliant source of inspiration, subject matter and dog walks.

My photography started with a Kodak Instamatic, and now many years and rolls of film later, I have progressed to digital which gives me the freedom to experiment with different techniques such as ICM and multiple exposure.  I am becoming increasingly drawn to see the less obvious, to capture the essence of something, and to create more abstract work.   

Kate Somervell






Dance is the hidden language of the soul.  Martha Graham

I glance out of the window and notice some reflections, all I can see is beauty.  Dynamic shapes and patterns, full of energy and movement. Contorted, beyond the obvious. At last, subject matter found! To what end, I have no idea, yet.

Frequently I dash outside to capture frames as the light changes, trying single and multiple exposures and some ICM. Eventually, I have a selection of images as a starting point, that will merge, then emerge as ‘something else’.

To start with these feel like a very diverse range of images staring back at me, some calm, and ethereal, others vibrant. Time to have some fun and see where the images will lead me. Suddenly, a pattern appears that seems so familiar in flow, rhythm and energy, it is another ‘lightbulb’ moment, this is dance, my ‘something else’.

Dance is universal, albeit in many different forms. Whether traditional, sacred or social, ceremonial or ritual, dance crosses cultures and continents. For me, it started with childhood ballet lessons then later  both contemporary and tap followed. However, my enthusiasm was greater than my proficiency and it still is!

Dancing and music go together. From the classical ballets of Tchaikovsky and Strauss waltzes,  the jazz of Louis Armstrong, and the musical theatre of Cole Porter, George Gershwin, and Bob Fosse, through to Abba and Mamma Mia. As I remembered the dances, the shows, movies, the songs and lyrics, the memories flooded through me, from fun and happiness to love and loss, the tears flowed. Biographical? Definitely.

The images in The Light Fantastic show my love of photography and dance, and the freedom of expression they both bring.  These images began as reflections, they end as that too, but of my inner self. They convey an emotional intensity which celebrates the beauty of dance. They are ‘something else’.

Dance is the timeless interpretation of life.   Shah Asad Rizvi

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