I create art with my camera and continuing to learn is key to my creativity.

I am drawn to landscapes, flowers and reflections.  Interesting colours, beautiful light and distinct textures and shapes fascinate me.

My father worked in horticulture and passed on his love of gardens and photography.  I spend hours capturing flowers and foliage with my macro lens.  When I first heard about Intentional Camera Movement I was truly excited as I have always loved Impressionist art;  being able to create ‘impressions’ in camera is very special.  Multiple exposure photography offers me the scope to produce unexpected and unconventional images and the blend modes in Photoshop provide further originality.

Although it was over twenty years ago when I first worked with metal leaf on furniture, more recently I have used metal leaf  to embellish my prints.  It is a rewarding finale to the photography work flow.

I make images for myself but if others enjoy my work then I am delighted.

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Art plays a huge role in my life; this year has provided less opportunities to visit exhibitions but more time to pick up my camera.  I  based my project around the title ‘Emotion’.  I have chosen Happiness, and how colour lifts my soul.  I am not alone here, worldwide,  people are affected by colour; “Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” Oscar Wilde.


As well as colour, beautiful lettering and interesting fonts, also bring me joy, so I have introduced typeface into this project.  On Valda’s suggestion,  I looked to the works of Karen Divine who uses lettering within her composite/montage style of photography.


Colour has been the thread running through my life, as a child I spent a lot of time putting my crayons in order!  At school I was thrilled by the merging of colours in screen printing and as an interior designer my highlight is examining the new colour-ways presented in fabric and wallpaper collections .


However it is not colour per se that makes me smile, it is the blending of colours;  gradients, ombre and ombre gradients.  I had to think hard how I could bring this into my project, but ultimately I decided to use wooden cotton reels, treasured coloured pencils, my dried out oil painting palette and recently made watercolour swatches.  Selecting these objects was perhaps the easy part, how to bring them together was the challenge as I did not want to end up with images that looked like product advertisements within an art catalogue!


I have relished the opportunity of this  indoor still life challenge, quite a change from landscape photography.  I was determined to use in camera Multiple Exposures, Intentional Camera Movement and Photoshop’s blending modes to full capacity.  Enormous thanks to Doug and Valda for once again explaining how they approach these in-camera techniques and execute their editing.


Typically my photography leans more to the representational than to the abstract, but I have thoroughly enjoyed a more abstract approach whilst working on this series.  Using ME in camera followed by multiple layers in  Photoshop to build the light-hearted montage styled images, was a new and exciting way of working.  I was also pleasantly surprised by some ICMs  of my coloured pencils which have translated into coloured gradients.


I have no idea if others will feel any joy when looking at this body of work,  but in the words of  Marc Chagall;

“If all life moves inevitably towards its end, then we must, during our own, colour it with our colours of love and hope.”

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