My name is Iveta Lazdina. I am from Latvia.

Usually I sign my work using pseudonyme Yvetta. It has stuck with me since highschool when there were three girls with the same name (Iveta), so, to make things different, I became Yvetta.

This is a good example, showing why creative photography is the right way of expressing myself compare traditional.



I took my first multi-exposure picture by mistake. During camera learning I left the camera on ME setting and forgot about it. Upon finding the results, I realized that this is interesting and might be the thing I was looking for – to have a bit of a secret, mystique, in my pictures to reflect the way I see the world, feel life. I am very happy  to opened doors to impressionism and abstract style.


Life is so colorful and the surroundings tell so many stories which I would like to pass on to others by layering images, using multi exposure and various camera movements.




If you would ask Latvian about the symbol of Latvia within few seconds you will hear - oak.

Oak is the biggest and most powerful tree in Latvia. Its majestic trunk and foliage are pictured in books, paintings, on textiles, and in many ways.

Oak avenue going to your home means you have a manor farm.

Latvian oak wood is a valuable raw material for centuries. Ships, furniture - most popular usage. Oak material floor is a long-life investment whatever dance you would have.

To have doors from oak wood means respect-full status for the house.

Comparison - man as oak means you are strong, and we can trust you.

For sure most of the symbols coming from the past but still used nowadays.

We have a lot of national songs about oak where always oak is subject to power, stability, welfare. During midsummer fest man’s use oak leaf head crowns.

Oak trunk has an expressive texture. Within years it goes more deeply. With a little touch of imagination, you may find a different silhouette.

It would be interesting stories if they could tell what have seen through centuries…

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