My passions include Music, Travel and Nature, with Photography the common and overriding thread that runs through everything. I love capturing the moment at a gig or in the company of precious wildlife, but also savouring the more considered times in the landscape.

Perhaps the greatest artistic satisfaction comes from trying to interpret what I see and what I feel and create something new, fleeting, imagined and unique, using alternative abstractive techniques. I remain inspired by my great friends Valda Bailey & Doug Chinnery, and by many others they have lead me to.

Photography prompts me to Look, to See and to Engage with light, form, colour and moment, from which I seek to encapsulate passion, beauty, elegance and feeling into an Emotional Impression, aspiring to Art. I rarely succeed but oftentimes the Dance is  satisfying in itself.

   ‘I Am Large, I Contain Multitudes “ Walt Whitman






This Is The Sea by The Waterboys - A Photographic Impression by Howard Rankin

“ Writing about Music is like Dancing about Architecture” (Frank Zappa)

“It’s not what the Music says, it’s what the Music means” (Nikolaus Harnoncourt) 


Given those truisms, is it hard to photograph what Music means? Probably, but nonetheless, here is an interpretation of my feelings surrounding The Greatest Record I Own.

Music is a very big part of my life, and The Waterboys are right at the core of that love. Lead by the mercurial Mike Scott, they have given my so many moments of epiphany and transcendence, both on record and particularly in a live setting. Mike is a lyricist without peer, and these photographs are inspired by chosen lyrics from the mighty This Is The Sea album, released in 1985. The Songs explore inspiration, spiritual yearning, the inner self, love and sex, nostalgia, social commentary, evocation of landscape and the elements and much more, all wrapped in swathes of what Mike described as The Big Music.


The photographs were all taken in one part of my home, made under the theme “Do Not Me What It Is, Show Me What Else It Is”


Behold The Sea

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