My first (and maybe my last?) book has just been released for pre-order by the very fine people at Kozu Books.

I have been working on it for almost a year now and it is due to go to press in March. I am nervous about it, as you may well imagine. I am donating 100% of my profits from the book to the work of the Young Minds charity, which does amazing work to help young people struggling with mental health issues.

My reason for this ties in with the idea behind the book. Many of you will know from my blog that I had a nervous breakdown in the spring of last year. After the initial aftermath of that I wanted, as part of my recovery, to try and give something back to help other sufferers (and especially the young, having seen the terrible struggles of beloved Joe Pickhaver, son of my very good friend Chris Friel, who later tragically took his own life as a result, and the effects of this on his family. There is a Just Giving page for Joe which has almost raised £50,000 for the Young Minds charity so far - you can donate HERE.)  I was also interested to see how what was happening in my mind might affect my creative work. I was using my art as therapy, along with writing both prose and poetry. So, I decided to approach Greg at Kozu to see if he would support me in the book project, documenting my creative output for about 12 months from around the time of the breakdown for a year.

He was, and full credit to him for this, to take a risk on me. After all, I was in a very fragile mental state, often unable to leave the house or even communicate electronically - let alone face to face. And, the work was not made. I might make rubbish. I might make nothing at all. So I have a huge debt of gratitude to Greg for his enormous faith in me. I just hope it is not misplaced.

So, since the breakdown, when I have been able, I have been making images. I have had dry periods due to my mental state. I have been affected by other events that were unexpected during the year - the loss of my dear friend - my dog, Stan, in the late summer and then the loss of my Mum just a few weeks ago. These have had their effect too, as has getting a new buddy, a new Golden Retriever, Eddie, who brings with him much joy. I wasn't to know these events would occur or then how they would affect my mind - but affect it they have.

I assumed, as I am guessing the majority will, that the book will be filled with gloomy dark images from the darkest of days in my mind and then gradually as the year passes the images will get lighter and brighter, more colourful? However, I can tell you now as the project is coming to a close this is not the case - my mind has clearly worked in contrary ways. If anything, the poetry (some of which is going to punctuate the images) might give a clearer insight into the mind’s workings, than the surface view of the images. I will write about this more in the book and explain what I think has been happening.

The book is being printed on the very highest quality paper we could source and is hard bound with a beautiful cloth cover, embossed with the title. Special editions will come with a custom-made slip case and limited-edition prints that I will be making myself here at home in my studio - so no litho-printed prints at all with this book. There are also some very exclusive specials available including one to one days with me, also with Valda and I and a unique day to come with me to see the book being printed at the Kozu factory including a one to one with me and some other nice extras. I have tried to think of something for everyone.

If you can support me by buying a copy of the book, then I will be eternally grateful. The cause behind it is good and I would like to thank you in advance on behalf of all the young people who will benefit from your generosity.

You can buy a copy by visiting the Kozu website HERE

Thank you again.

Doug x



We are delighted to have secured the last remaining copies of Valda’s best-selling book, ‘Fragile’. The first edition sold out; these copies are from the second edition. 

If you have not seen the book then you are missing out on a real opportunity to get an insight into Valda’s earlier work. You will see all the foundations for where she is today. The book  contains several images which have become iconic – images  she is well known for and of which only one or two editions remain in the galleries who represent her.   

To quote from her foreword…..

‘I am fascinated by all manner of contrasts and contradictions and the work in this book is an attempt to reconcile some of the conflicting aspects that are of interest to me in the landscape. In much the same way as a colour will appear most luminous when placed next to a non-colour, ie grey,  or its opposing colour in the colour wheel, so it is in nature. ‘

The images here are an investigation into how the most fragile elements seem to have their very existence challenged and their vulnerability magnified when set against the strength and solidity of their surroundings. Fragility can be conveyed in many ways. It can be expressed with light or shape or colour or movement and I hope this diversity is represented here. Paradoxically, fragile elements often appear to embody a tenacity and strength which refers back to the contradictions mentioned above.

It is the embodiment of all these characteristics that I have tried to portray in this book.

We have put together several packages for collectors of her work to not only allow you to purchase the book but also to have an opportunity to own a precious print.

We have compiled these in an effort to suit all budgets. The prints will be made by Valda on Fotospeed Fine Art paper and all will be signed by her and editioned.

The various options are detailed below - these are available for immediate dispatch world-wide.


 Standard Edition £15

This package includes a  signed copy of Fragile.

Included will also be a 15% voucher off of your next print order with us, using our print service.

Post and Packing in the UK is £3.50

Europe and worldwide £5.00


Book Copy 1060x1060
20181104 IMG 2258



Small Deluxe Edition – 75 available £49

This package includes a signed copy of Fragile.

You will also receive an A4 print on Fotospeed Fine Art paper of your choice of any of the prints below, printed by us, signed and numbered by Valda. Due to the size of the paper and to maximise the size of the print, they will not be embossed with the blind stamp.

All images are editions of 25 so act soon to guarantee availability of the print you require

Included will also be a 15% voucher off of your next print order with us, using our print service.

P&P UK - £8.50  

        WORLDWIDE £16.50


SELLING OUT: Approaching Palouse and Autumn's Farewell



Large Deluxe Edition – 50 available £78

This package includes a signed copy of Fragile.

You will also receive an A3 print on Fotospeed Fine Art paper of your choice of any of the prints  below, printed by us, signed and numbered by Valda and embossed with her blind stamp.

All images are editions of 20 so act soon to guarantee availability of the print you require.

Included will also be a 15% voucher off of your next print order with us, using our print service.

P&P UK is £8.50


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