Photographer/gardener/diplomat, Donna Oglesby’s images are grounded in the belief that aesthetics bring forth ethical action; because when we are moved by beauty, love is aroused; when love is aroused there is a desire to protect what is loved. 


The more deeply I work at my own photographic art, the more acutely aware I am of a blended aesthetic that arises from the sense and sweetness of a whole lifetime working in cultural diplomacy. My view of beauty, sense of color, and appreciation for texture and design are enriched by all that I have seen, all that I have come to love. 




I believe that a garden can be an emotional blessing. Photographing the garden that I lent a hand to creating, now consoles me. Photography brings quiet pleasure, makes me feel alive.  I share my work in these difficult times with the hope that it might offer a path to transcendence.

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Gaining Light

Under the gaining light in this second pandemic spring, hope rises. The invitation to happiness drops from the sky illuminating a latticework of branches overhead. The natural scaffold casts lacy shadows across the glacial boulders below. Blossoms of light in silhouette grace solid stone. Detached pearlescent petals float into communion with granite facets reflected in the sunlight. For a moment the material and impermanent merge into eternal unity.

Breathe in the light. Breath means so much more a year on from the arrival of Covid. Breathe out the darkness. Stowed away for more than a year, I feel nourished and centered in the stillness and silence of my safe green space. Vaccinated now, I’m ready to walk into my worlds remade by the breath thief who stalks among us still. Let’s get our bearings. Read the universal map. Come along into the light. It’s safer now.

I make images to share hope. I would like to interpret the transition from the “pause” into the resumption of the dance of life, and, into the new revelation of life’s value.  It is time to rediscover and reevaluate where we, who have changed, find ourselves on land that has changed too. Nature can teach us, heal us, reveal the inner coherence of the place where we are. We are there now. 

The images I share here offer hope by giving witness to splendor. I aim to unveil beauty through abstraction. The panes, streaks and washes of light offer fragmentary reflection of the glory of spring.  Reframing the representation of reality through movement, collage and color shifts, I invite the viewer to let loose her tight grasp on a single valid reality. There are reordered possibilities in all that has changed. 

Spring comes slowly in New England. Suspended between seasons, the attenuated unfolding often begins in clearings in a beige woods punctuated by light. Patches of forsythia, forgotten deciduous azalea, quince and daffodil suddenly fill the eye with color.  Grand specimen trees stand sentry to spring in private gardens and public spaces. One by one, they command attention by unveiling their bloom: magnolia, cherry, dogwood. Unleafed, their visible steadfast architecture showcases our new arising.

In this second pandemic spring, more than ever before we must live by hope. I hope my photography contributes to escaping the surface where we dwell most of the time. May my images help recover in you a memory or an intuition of what is attainable in our reordered worlds as we all get ready to go out again. 


Donna Oglesby
May 2021

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