My name is Claire Bacha.  I live and work in Manchester, England.  I was born in Chicago in August 1945, after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  I mention these because I believe that they marked my life, as they book-ended my birth.  I came to the UK in 1974, by way of Brazil.  My day job is as a psychotherapist, group analyst, trainer and writer.  I am a life long student of human relationships.  I also have a phd in sociology.

Photography, too, has been a lifelong interest.  I remember having earned my first camera at the age of 10 by selling girl scout cookies. I must have sold a lot of cookies.  I keep taking photography up and then leaving it for a while.  I go away from it, but always come back.  I had a dark room at one point.  It has taken me a long time to come to love digital photography.  But I have always loved the abstract; the level that reveals the deeper layers of the object.   I love seeing and thinking in a different way.




Resonance and the Space Between

Abstracts create a resonance in others which is based purely on form, texture, colour and light.  An abstract may have many meanings, some cultural, some personal.

The neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp has shown us that there are only seven basic emotions, based in the mid-brain, and shared with all mammals. I call these the foundational feelings since, they are the basis of all the more complex feelings that also involve our cerebral cortex, what we usually think of as our brain.  It is not easy to discern a feeling.  When asked what they are feeling, many people identify thoughts.  Feelings go to the heart of the personal, but Panksepp has shown us how the foundational feelings are also part of our social animal.

Panksepp’s seven feelings are:  Seeking, Rage, Fear, Lust, Care, Panic/Grief and Play.  The descriptions of these feelings are strangely strange and strangely familiar.  Combinations of these feelings, like the basic colours, give us the infinite rainbow of more complex feelings that occupy us in everyday life, and tell us who we are in relation to others. We feel feelings inside of us, but they are always in relation to our environment, which is mostly made of other people. In my project, I investigate three of the foundational feelings with images:  Seeking, Care and Panic/Grief.  I hope to touch your emotional resonance.

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