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Following months of planning, we are delighted to announce a major new learning experience that we have been working on for some time. ‘Abstract Rhythm & Blue Notes’ is the most ambitious teaching project we have ever embarked upon.

Details of the syllabus can be found by clicking through to the online presentation.




£350 each month

£1,000 per quarter if paid in advance.

£3,850 for the year if paid in advance.

The costs associated with the exhibition are extra as we realise that not everybody may wish to participate. The venue we have in mind is close to Borough Market in London and a stone's throw from Tate Modern. Likely investment is going to be between £250-£400 per person. It is dependent on the number of people who would like to participate and includes the rent of the gallery together with advertising and promotional costs and refreshments, but not printing and framing.

The gallery is a big space and there will be room for everyone to hang a large selection of work. The likely date for the exhibition will be spring 2022 and it would run for a week. The responsibility for manning the gallery while the exhibition is on will be divided between those taking part.

Because we cannot resell a space once the course has started we are not able to offer a refund on subscriptions.





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We have seen an enormous amount of interest already in what we are offering. At present we have over 50 people wanting to join a workshop that has 16 spaces.


While this is immensely humbling, it does present us with a significant problem - if we receive more definite bookings than we have spaces, we have to decide who to admit and who to disappoint. We have all got to know you so well and shared so much over the summer, relying on a first-come-first-served solution doesn't seem appropriate, not least because some might not be at their computers when the email arrives.


It is also a significant commitment - both financially and in terms of time and effort required and we want to be as certain as we can be that what we are offering is the right choice for those who are seriously interested.


Therefore we have decided to ask you to apply to join, We realise that this possibly seems a little high-handed but hopefully you can appreciate the situation in which we find ourselves.



If you would like to join us, on what we hope will be an amazing voyage of discovery, can you please submit a short written statement about why you feel it would be right for you and why you would like to be included.


We would like you to send this to us together with four or five images. We leave it to you to choose those images - they can sit together in a set, or not. They can be titled, or not. They can be recent or not (but obviously different to the work in your Cultivating Creativity project). Around 1800px longest edge 72dpi.


Now we realise that setting forth your reasons and generally bigging yourself up is probably not going to come easily to many of you. We hope you can understand our reasons for putting in place this application process.


As challenging as it is for you all, it is going to be even harder for us - many of you are friends we have known for a very long time and we know that we have to judge the applications purely on merit and decide who will get the most from the course. Putting ourselves in the position of judge and juror feels a little like Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith adjudicating the final of The Great British Bake Off. Although, sadly, with a greatly diminished amount of cake to get us through the process.


Any questions please email. We would like all applications in by midday GMT on the 15th December 2020.




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