Bill Hewitt’s roots are in pre-digital film camera era and he has a strong passion for the intensity found in Black and White images. After digital photography arrived Bill started to explore color, texture, light and its combination with taking multiple images in new and challenging ways.


What Bill describes as a hybrid style, a “photo impressionism”  is the direction he has taken his imagery. With new cameras and lenses Bill combines multiple images in camera and along with Intentional camera movement in a way to make abstract images that will make the viewer take note. 






This group of images was mostly born out of a day in a boat repair yard. So most of the images are not the boats themselves but rather the sides of the hulls out of the water being repainted before being returned to the water. 

Finding images in places not normally associated with the actual object affords me as a photographer the chance to let my imagination soar as see the dents, dings, scrapes, sanding and repainting. 


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