My interest in the philosophy and visual expression of art has been nurtured by studies in art history, visits to exhibitions and cultural centres, travel and a keen appreciation of literature and architecture. Over the years I have tried my hand at pottery, life drawing, different strands of photography and various painting media.


The creative process for me is total absorption and escapism into an inner world. I like to work in an expressive, free and experimental way, by blending colours, texture and movement.
The effects of ICM and ME photography mirror my approach to abstract painting and lend themselves perfectly to capturing fleeting moments in time and communicating multi-layered meanings. Astrid.


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Hiding in plain sight

There are many of us that like and enjoy abstract paintings.

Colour is often the first aspect we notice. We all have our favourite colour or hues we are drawn too.

We are enchanted by the beautiful interplay between light and dark.

Shapes and lines might be interesting in their randomness or because we can discern a pattern.

Maybe we are able to spot something familiar - it reminds us of a landscape or we can see a figure in the background.

We find them decorative, conjuring up pleasant memories and associations and perhaps even matching our sofa!

This project is an attempt to show ‘not what they are, but what else they are’, illustrating the notion that the ‘body, mind and soul’ of the artist is involved in creating an abstract painting.

To me there is so much more to abstract paintings than meets the eye. To perceive the complexity and multiplicity of meaning, I believe you have to ‘see’ with your whole body, engage all your senses and be open to diverse possible interpretations.

Silhouettes are a form of visual metaphor, effectively used in advertising and signage for their universal appeal and associations. Yet they are highly individual in the sense that we can recognise somebody familiar simply by their outline in shape and implied posture.

An abstract artist seeks to strike a balance between employing visual metaphors that are generally recognisable and accessible, and distinctly personal expression. The first is aimed at connecting with the viewer, the second to stand apart, to be original and unique.



Painting a picture,

it is all in my head,


following my intuition and seeing what isn’t there.

Looking to the past,

inspiration reaching across the ages,

playing make believe and inventing the future.

Listening to my favourite song,

the dance of the soul,

gesture and flow and movement,

never standing still.

Firing my imagination,

inciting my passion,

believing the myth.

Making a mark or treading lightly,

just beyond my grasp,

building castles in the sky,

finding my way.

Listening to the rhythm of my heartbeat,

a moment in time,

feeling my wings unfold

and going with what I feel inside.

I know you are looking at me, but can you see?

Asking the question and waiting for the answer.

Painting the world in colour,

a profusion of tints and shades,

vivid, exuberant and with a hint of magic.

Time to let go,

spirits soar,

an ending and a new beginning.

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