My imagery is reflective of the beauty and the connection I feel with the natural world around me.

After retiring from 30 years of medical practice in San Francisco Bay area, I picked up photography 6 years ago as a conduit for creativity.

Although I have immensely enjoyed the conventional and realistic depiction of landscape and wildlife photography, I am finding myself drawn more and more towards the freedom of creativity offered by abstract and impressionistic style photography.

I have seen the photographs and paintings of cacti on numerous occasions by well-known artists and found them beautiful. However, I felt there is more to the cacti than meets the eye and decided to explore.

Following the quote from Minor White that says “ Do not show me what it is, show me what else it is’, I embarked on bringing out the less appreciated details of the Cactus to light. When I went close to the plants using my long lens I was amazed at what I saw. The colors of the aging cactus, the markings of water preservation on the pads and the way the insect’s shelter in cactus is fascinating. I was at loss when I first started the project and a conversation between the cactus and me started to grow in my head.





Conversation with Cactus


I need to know thee Cactus, I need to know.

I touched you and found, you are tough.

I couldn’t hug, your thorns are rough.

I sat by you smug, but the rocks are gruff.

I stayed in hush as the sun torched flesh.

I need to know thee Cactus, I need to know now.

I hand made your pictures, but they didn’t speak to me.

I looked at you some more, hoping you say a bit more.

Looking close and closer.

At your angles and dangles, lines and leanings.

Shadows and stripes, colors and contrast.

Bewildered at last, may be I was lambast.

Suddenly I saw- lakes and streams; faces and fish; mountains and maps;

Insects and spiders and the whole world inside.

Is this a dream or a dream coming true?


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