The Oast House: Times Gone By

Whilst working as a music, wedding and portrait photographer I had become an observer of life - waiting to capture the action and emotions that played out in front of me.   Now that is behind me, I have the chance to concentrate on new challenges, and to step forward and make my photography more about my own feelings and reactions to what I see.


Whilst I still love the traditional forms of photography, particularly black and white images, my photography is evolving and I am now using various techniques to produce more abstract images.  I am still inspired by light but by using the different camera techniques of Multiple Exposures and Intentional Camera Movement, I am endeavouring to capture the spirit of the image – it is a big learning curve and I am inspired and encouraged by those I meet along the way.



For this project, I have chosen the quote from In Praise of Shadows by Junichiro Tanizaki

“Were it not for shadows there would be no beauty”.


I was completely captivated by this book which is an essay on Japanese Aesthetics and the description of the contrast between the shadows of traditional Japanese interiors and the dazzling shiny light of the modern western world.  I chose to work on this project using an empty Oast house near to my home, unoccupied since the elderly carpenter left last year.

In due course, it will be renovated but currently, it sits empty and reminiscent of a time gone by, with many of the original features remaining unchanged and as they were when the hops used to be harvested and dried here.  The dark interior, old oak beams, dusty windows, stoke holes and old tools all seemed to resonate with what Junichiro was describing.  I have tried to capture the essence of the Oast House and the history that lies within its walls.


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